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Welcome to Michael Arnopol Soundworks!

We're proud to present some of the finest Bass Instrument Loudspeakers commercially available...

Double Bass Loudspeakers

MVW Loudspeakers designed around the specific needs of the Double Bass artist...

Tattoo Parlor

Hang out in the MAS Tattoo Parlor and exchange tattoo, gig, and other life-as-an-artist experiences...

Electric Bass

MVW Loudspeakers designed around the specific needs of the Electric Bass artist...

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Home of Fine Bass Instrument Loudspeakers

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A Special Greeting from Mike

The bass instrument has been a passion for most of my life. Finding and constructing fine instrument loudspeakers is another.  I now bring these passions to you in the form of Michael Arnopol Soundworks Bass Instrument Loudspeakers. These products are based on the emerging Manipulated Vortex Waveguidetm or MVWtm technology developed by Big E Loudspeakerstm. I have drawn upon my many years of experience as both a studio and performing artist in collaboration with the Big E team to design and manufacture what I believe to be the most astounding and functional Bass Instrument Loudspeakers I have ever encountered. I trust you will have as much enjoyment using my fine products as I have in bringing them to you.

Michael Arnopol 

The Bodai Line

   "Bodai" essentially means "to awaken to" That's what the Bodai line is for me. An awakening to the sound and function I've been hearing in my head in 47 years of bass playing. It seems to transform into the same experience to everyone who's tried one. 

   The Bodai line is a culmination of all that we have learned in the past 4 years. The Bodai's are the next step in the evolution of the MASoundworks cabs. Do you absolutely need one? No you don't. The MAS109 will go just as loud and with the same low end control as the Bodai110. Same with the MAS112 and the Bodai112. Same woofer and cabinet design. All custom woofers that are part of the key to the "MAS Sound" 

   What's different with the Bodai's? We learned a valuable lesson with the MAS Flex cabs. When you put your mids in a separate  MVW enclosure the results are quite remarkable. The impact and dispersion of the mids and highs take on a new character. And—I can have much more control over the entire midrange spectrum. In previous cabs the mids were crossed over pretty high. More like just upper mids. That's why we came up with propriatary woofers that had MUCH better mids than any others commercially available. But I had little control beyond the "baked in" curves. And I think that they sound great. But now—I can manipulate the mids from the low mids all the way to the super tweeters. 

   The Bodai line costs more because I actually have to build two separate enclosures. The crossovers are also very complex—high part count. With the upper mid enclosure you get much better dispersion. But—you also get increased dispersion from the coupling with the output of the woofer. 3D like you wouldn't believe. With the Bodai's the woofers are doing what woofers do best. If you want high power handling, low frequency extension, and high SPL's there is inevitably some compromise in the mids presentation. As good as the mids are in many 10, 12, and 15" based cabs—a dedicated midrange driver is much better at the subtleties of midrange production. Which is why we're using the absolute best quality Beyma and Faital midrange drivers. The same drivers you'll se in $10k highest end PA cabs. And with the paper cones mids that we're using, they break up when pushed hard in the same musical way that we're used to. Albeit with much better fidelity and articulation. They also have a very high quality compression driver firing into the output flares of the mid sections. The highs (all the way up) integrate with the mids coming out of the flares to yield a much more 3D coverage of the high end. 

If you're looking for the best in power, fidelity, extension, and impact—we present what we believe are the best bass cabinets on the planet. And---at the 2017 Winter NAMM show Bass Gear Magazine gave the Bodai line "the Best in Show Award" They usually pick one particular item but were so impressed with the Bodai's that they gave the entire line the award. They couldn't decide between the 3 models! 


Comming Soon: The Eight Series




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