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Welcome to Michael Arnopol Soundworks!

We're proud to present some of the finest Bass Instrument Loudspeakers commercially available...

Double Bass Loudspeakers

MVW Loudspeakers designed around the specific needs of the Double Bass artist...

Tattoo Parlor

Hang out in the MAS Tattoo Parlor and exchange tattoo, gig, and other life-as-an-artist experiences...

Electric Bass

MVW Loudspeakers designed around the specific needs of the Electric Bass artist...

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Home of Fine Bass Instrument Loudspeakers

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A Special Greeting from Mike

The bass instrument has been a passion for most of my life. Finding and constructing fine instrument loudspeakers is another.  I now bring these passions to you in the form of Michael Arnopol Soundworks Bass Instrument Loudspeakers. These products are based on the emerging Manipulated Vortex Waveguidetm or MVWtm technology developed by Big E Loudspeakerstm. I have drawn upon my many years of experience as both a studio and performing artist in collaboration with the Big E team to design and manufacture what I believe to be the most astounding and functional Bass Instrument Loudspeakers I have ever encountered. I trust you will have as much enjoyment using my fine products as I have in bringing them to you.

Michael Arnopol 

Introducing the Sonic Farm MA Soundworks Tantra Bass Amplifier/Studio Pre/DI

The new Sonic Farm bass preamp, designed in collaboration with Michael Arnopol Soundworks, will be available September 2016 both as a preamp and as an integrated amp, containing a 1000W ICE power module. The preamp version will be sold by Sonic Farm, and the integrated version will be available right here at Michael Arnopol Soundworks. Pre-orders are available now with the product shipping in September.

Topology in the Tantra is hybrid, like many Sonic Farm products. Two pentodes at the front end take care of the clean gain and overdrive. After that, the signal undergoes a variety of solid-state based processing, such as a high pass filter, 5-band EQ, compressor, and a 2-part harmonic generator section. The Tantra is suitable for the studio musician who does not want to leave their high quality preamp and processing behind when on a gig or the gigging musician who wants studio quality processing and features. The Tantra even has a separate power control to defeat the power amp while in use for DI only applications such as studio recording. Reserve yours today.

Order Your Sonic Farm MAS Tantra NOW  Download the Tantra User Maunal

In conjuction with the new Tantra project MA Soundworks is now offering a poweredMA-112 option for all loudspeakers! Just select the powered option when ordering.

MAS is Now Taking Orders for the MAS-112 and the mighty MAS-109!

Here is what Mike says about the MAS-112: "This speaker has more low end power and a more visceral low end than ANY speaker I've ever played. Absolutely crazy. But tight and controlled---I swear it would make any 212 sound anemic as far as power.With the mids firing right at me I could hear the midrange and high range as well or better than anything I've played through.. No bloat--no boom--no overhang." read more ...

Order your astounding new Signature Series MAS-109 0r MAS-112. With pricing starting as low as $800.00 there is no reason to wait!

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