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Welcome to Michael Arnopol Soundworks!

We're proud to present some of the finest Bass Instrument Loudspeakers commercially available...

Double Bass Loudspeakers

MVW Loudspeakers designed around the specific needs of the Double Bass artist...

Tattoo Parlor

Hang out in the MAS Tattoo Parlor and exchange tattoo, gig, and other life-as-an-artist experiences...

Electric Bass

MVW Loudspeakers designed around the specific needs of the Electric Bass artist...

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Home of Fine Bass Instrument Loudspeakers

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Shop Bodai Bass

Shop for MAS Bodai Bass Loudspeakers with the one-of-a kind Bodai (Enlightened) Midrange Experience in addition  to all the other MVW benefits only found in an Michael Arnopol Soundworks Bass Instrument Loudspeaker.

Shop Custom Line

Shop here for MAS Loudspeakers crafted to order with special options and design requests. Custom Line orders can take a bit longer to produce but they are worth the wait. If you can dream it we can build it.

Shop Standard Line

Shop for MAS Standard Line MVW Loudspeakers that set a new standard for Bass Instrument sound presentation. The Standard Line consists of the most popular loudspeakers and options for faster production and delivery times.


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Introducing Bodai

Mike introduces and briefly explains the new Bodai line of MAS loudspeakers.

Bodai 110

LowDown Bass Guitars founder and luthier, Tim Seisser, plays through the two Michael Arnopol Soundworks Bodai 110's

Bodai 112

LowDown Bass Guitars founder and luthier, Tim Seisser, plays through the Michael Arnopol Soundworks Bodai 112.

MAS Spotlight

A new collaboration between my friend Randy at RAD Engineering and MAS. The new Rad 1000P

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Michael Arnopol Soundworks
Attention: Mike Arnopol
311 Laurel Avenue
Wilmette, Illinois, USA


Sales and Customer Care Provided By: Big E Technology Partners
1-877-517-2626 US toll free
01-815-686-2063 International

MAS customer representatives are available 24 hours a day Monday through Saturday Central Time US. Sundays please leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

Talk to Mike directly for questions or information about all things bass instrument. Direct Line to Mike Arnopol: (224) 628-6162


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