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Welcome to Michael Arnopol Soundworks!

We're proud to present some of the finest Bass Instrument Loudspeakers commercially available...

Double Bass Loudspeakers

MVW Loudspeakers designed around the specific needs of the Double Bass artist...

Tattoo Parlor

Hang out in the MAS Tattoo Parlor and exchange tattoo, gig, and other life-as-an-artist experiences...

Electric Bass

MVW Loudspeakers designed around the specific needs of the Electric Bass artist...

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Enter your image caption here Sonic Farm MAS Tantra 1200 Watt Amp/Studio Pre/DI


Price: $2,300.00

The new Sonic Farm bass preamp, designed in collaboration with Michael Arnopol Soundworks, will be available September 2016 both as a preamp and as an integrated amp, containing a 1000W ICE power module....  
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