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MAS-210 Flex Mod Electric Bass Loudspeaker

SKU/ID: 10MAS210

Price: $1,399.00

MAS-110S Sub-woofer Module:
Dual Mode Crossover (stand alone or w/sub):
Notes to Mike:


The MAS-210Mod is the top section of the modular version of the MAS-210Flex. Just connect a MAS-110S module to the dedicated output jack! The MAS-Flex series is a leap forward in Bass Loudspeaker technology. The integrated Flex transducer control system coupled with the MVW alignment provides unmatched sonic clarity, performance and flexibility. This unique system allows the cabinet to take on many different voicing personalities from dark with subtle compression to bright and aggressive without the need for the artist to adjust the instrument signal chain. It's like having all your favorite Bass cabinets in one compact package. Mike says," The Flex is the last bass cabinet you will buy. The 210Mod makes an easier schlep".

The MAS-210Mod is a great stand-alone unit. It is the exact size and is very similar in appearance to it's cousin the MAS-110Flex. There are some significant differences in electronics between the two cabinets. As a stand-alone unit the MAS-210Mod will be more mid-aggressive in all settings when compared to the MAS-110Flex in the same settings. The output of the MAS-210Mod in Neutral Mode will be close to the output of the MAS-110Flex in Bright mode for example. The MAS-210Mod will have a subtle compression at higher power when placed in Dark Mode whereas the MAS-110 is strictly padded -6db in the mid-range when in Dark Mode with no other sonic artifact. Thus the MAS-210Mod produces a more vintage tube-like sound in Dark Mode where the MAS-110Flex produces a more modern warm tone when in Dark Mode. The MAS-210Mod is designed with special electronics to integrate with the MAS-110S and create a modular version of the MAS-210Flex with all of that Loudspeaker's voicing options. The MAS-110Flex can also be used with a MAS-110S. However when used in this manner the mid-range output in Bright Mode will be equivalent to the MAS-210Flex in Neutral Mode.

Impedance: 8 Ohms
RMS power: 400 Watts
AES power: 575 Watts

A copy of the Flex system operators manual is available for download in the MA Soundworks support area.

Amp,additional cables, and accessories sold separately.

A satisfied owner describes his MAS-210Flex this way:
"If God had a bass cab......If God needed a bass cab this is want he would rock......I got this 21O 15 minutes before a rehearsal and called up Mike Arnopol talking like a school kid. This is the finest, punchiest, biggest most articulate speaker I have ever heard for bass. I have never experienced a B string like I have with the 21O Flex..... Quick, hits you in the chest low end with freakish pitch definition and headroom for days. The mid-range is just lovely and the tweeters have the right amount of snap and air. Every speaker in the Big e line is slamming but there is something quite special about this one. "
Nomatic (Talkbass Moniker)

Technical Specifications

One very long excursion 10" neo woofer
Two Faital neo 6.5" mids
One B&C super tweeter
8 ohms (top only)
96 db sensitivity
26" wide by 20 1/2" tall by 14 1/2" deep
600cc's Vd (air moved)


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