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MAS-1,8 "The Eight"


Price: $699.00

PA Hat (for pole):
Tweeter Pad switch:
Notes to Mike:
2nd MAS-1,8:
Tweeter for 2nd M1,8:
Pole Hat for 2nd M1,8:


MAS SPECIAL OFFER: Order a 2nd MAS-1,8 and save 10% and pay no extra shipping!

My favorite for double bass. My favorite for electric bass. (well---I like the Bodai 112 for EB, too!) Amazing power and weight to each note.

The lowest extension of any of my cabs .Size/weight ratio---fagettaboutit!

Amazing fidelity. These are being used for PA as well as home hifi, but designed first and foremost as the best electric/upright speaker that I can produce

You may contact us prior to your order for shipping and other information.

Technical Specifications

17" tall, 10 1/2" wide, by 15(long side)/9 3/4(short side)" deep. Keep in mind that the depth decreases as you get to the top. Speaking of which--this cab makes a killin' floor wedge.

21 1/2# weight (add 1# for Ciare and 2# for powered)

Power handling 300 watts RMS continuous, 500 watt peak.

Sensitivity 94 db I would say that you should have at least 150 watts to adequately drive a single MAS18. Keep in mind that if you add a second MAS18 the sensitivity rises to 98db (4 ohms)

Impedance 8 ohms

Frequency response -3db at 35 hz to 14khz. (adding the Ciare supertweeter brings it past 20khz)

One Speakon connector on back, second on the side
Handle on the back that will not interfere with feet on back
4 feet on bottom, and 4 on the back.
Presence Boost Switch
Jack, handle, and feet locations can be changed at no additional cost.

For use of a second MAS-1,8 without a tweeter order this unit with the Tweeter and Tweeter Pad switch to lift the pad on the tweeter.

Powered version is 1/2" deeper than the standard version

Guitars and amp not included

This loudspeaker is a non-stock item and available as a custom order. Delivery in 9 to 14 weeks




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