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MAS-28 Bass Instrument Loudspeaker


Price: $799.00

PA Hat (for pole):
Notes to Mike:


I decided to make a big little cab for myself. I dig it so much I'm adding it to my catalog. Presenting the MAS28. It's the bottom section of the Bodai-28 with a 4" Faital mid. The low end is the same as the Bodai-28. The voicing is near identical, but not with the crazy 3d thing of the Bodais. I play a lot of weddings and corporate stuff where I want to sound my best but I really don't need the extra stuff that the Bodai offers.

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Technical Specifications

This cab has a Vd of around 850 cc's. That's the same as a conventional 15" super 15 cab. A super 212 is around 980 cc's. The Bodai 112 is also around 980.This cab goes lower that any of my cabs---that aren't based on the 8 incher (woofer).
Dimensions are 21" tall by 17" wide by 15(long side)/9 3/4(short side)" deep. Keep in mind that the width and depth decrease as you go back.The back of the cab is only 9" wide.
This can be used as a wedge or put on a pole .

Frequency response -5db at 35 hz to 14khz. (adding the Ciare supertweeter brings it past 20khz)

One Speakon connector on back,
Handle on each side
4 feet on bottom, and 4 on the back.
Jack, handle, and feet locations can be changed at no additional cost.

Bass Guitar not included

This loudspeaker is a non-stock item and available as a custom order. Delivery in 9 to 14 weeks




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